Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Friend Anne

My friend Anne is moving away to Arkansas bright and early in the morning. I am a bit bummed about it so I started to think about the reasons that I love her so...doesn't that sound sappy? As I started on my list of reasons to love Anne, the one that kept coming up was the fact that she cares for her friends. I have not known her for long... but even in the midst of the messes that I managed to make of my life in the past year she has been there to remind me that the Lord loves me and that she loves me too. She is the first to say that she will pray for me when I seem to be spiraling out of control and I love that about her. Other things to love about Anne...she hates public restrooms more than me...she appreciates my sarcasm ...and my honesty...which she calls refreshing....she volunteered to lead the pre-k choir when no one else would touch it...and taught the kids so much...she hates to cook (just like me)... and she is a discouraged perfectionist (read earlier post for definition)...... she is a linguistic snob (see Sarah's blog) and finally she makes a great McD's and shopping buddy every Thursday morning. Needless to say, there are many who have been touched by Anne, and she and Steve will be missed. Hopefully the Air Force will deem in necessary to send them back this way soon!

This morning at McD's she had some jokes that I think you will appreciate:

What does the dyslexic pirate say? Q

Why do mommy kangaroos hate rainy days? Because the kids have to play inside

(Love you Anne!)

PS. For my other wonderful friends... if you move away... you too will get a post of wonderful things said about you!


Sarah said...

I can tell I would really like Anne -- we linguistic snobs like to stick together. I hate it when people move away, too. I also hate moving, so just go ahead and do my write-up of wonderful things about me and save me the trouble of packing the house! :-)

janjanmom said...

Make sure she blogs and it won't be quite so heart breaking!!

heartsjoy said...

Sounds like a very sweet tribute and sweet friend!

SuperMom said...

Hey, Anne's baby looks like mine!

I'm with Janjanmom - get that girl a blog!