Monday, April 24, 2006


Life can be so frustrating sometimes. My husband is trying to buy a used wouldn't think it would be go to the dealership (where he works, by the way) and tell them you want a vehicle and this is how much money you would like to spend. In theory, this should be all that is necessary...but apparently at Lawrence Hall you get the special employee treatment. On Saturday, the salesman told Robert he had found him a truck; this morning he said all was good; this afternoon they sold the truck to a 'customer'. What is Robert, chopped liver? If you work there, you aren't a customer? You cannot begin to know how badly I want to go to Lawrence Hall and kick and scream and let them know how irritated I am. Instead, I will just sit on my couch and fume.



Sarah said...

Don't you hate that? Life IS frustrating sometimes. Blech.


OH wow. That sucks. :[ I'm sorrrry. Life is very frustrating, yes. Sigh. That's lame. DEMAND a new truck! Ha.

Anyways, sorry I haven't commented you or updated in a looong time. I've been really busy with working [with my mom at the domestic violence shelter. volunteer work...] and with looking into this GED thing [which is totally gonna happen!], and withdrawling from school and enrolling in a new one. And a lot of other stuff. But I'm back now and everything's good.

I hope you're doing great. :]

Rebecca said...

I hate car dealers. My husband sold Toyotas for a while, but when they gave him a $200 bonus for lying to a customer correctly, he gave them the check back and quit. Crooked people.

Hillbilly-Rockstar said...

Oh my. That's downright terrible. The frustration would get me and I think I would be going down to that car dealership and giving them a BIG piece of my mind!

jessica said...

As much as I would like to give LH a piece of my mind...they do write his paychecks so...I will hold this one in. HA HA

Praying for your Prodigal said...

I'm so sorry that happened....but I'm glad that instead of kicking some were blog surfing and visited my blog! Thanks for leaving your words of encouragement and insight. They mean so much to me.