Monday, April 03, 2006

Catching Up!

I have been gone much of the weekend and it made me realize that I might have an addiction to reading blogs. It was all I could do to not run to the couch, pick up my laptop, and read all of my favorite blogs on Saturday when I go home. I was patient, though, waiting until the kids were at school and Robert had left for work to log on. I posted on Denise's blog that reading blogs had become a procrastination technique...and indeed I am not writing the paper for class that I should be!

Friday and Saturday night we had a ladies retreat at church. We went to the Miller Ranch in Lawn, Tx. They have built the perfect place for ladies retreats. It is a big building, decorated wonderfully, with the downstairs holding the kitchen and the main meeting area and the loft holding bunkbeds. I have been on retreats where everyone went to a hotel room and you really only got to know the people who you shared a room with...not at this place. There was no room to go all shared a common sleeping area. It was great. I feel like I am developing those relationships that you need to have within a church...those people that will love you and pray for you even when you screw up royally (which I do often)! I did only get about 3hrs sleep friday night...partly because the younger generation stayed up late talking about life but the other part being that a certain person who will remain unnamed had her cell phone alarm to go off at the butt-crack of dawn...everyone but her woke up! I can only laugh about it now!

I got home Saturday at 5:27 and had to hop in the shower and throw on clothes and makeup to go to a Rehab charity dinner. It always cracks me up that the non-profit organization has a free bar at the dinner. I understand it...they have a live auction and a silent auction...the more people drink the more they spend. You might think I am joking but here is my favorite example...they had a dog that was a mutt and it got auctioned off 3 times for $400 each time. The third person kept it but the first two guys just wrote the checks and gave the dog back to be auctioned again. Gotta love how easy it is to give away money when you have had too much to drink! I am sure it didn't help that the girl holding the dog and walking around had pants on that convinced me she must shave or be hairless because if anyone else had them on pubs would've been sticking out the top! (Gross, huh?) It really irritated me that her mother kept saying "It's all in the presentation" as her daughter walked around trying to hock the puppy!

This lack of sense does not bother me nearly as greatly as the idea that our little girls are growing up too quickly and their parents do not seem to get it! Here are my two examples from the Rehab dinner. The Rehab sales raffle tickets for a shotgun. At the charity shoot they used teenage girls to sale these raffle tickets and the men fondly referred to one of them as "pink panties" I asked why and was sad that I had asked. She apparently was on a 4wheeler trying to sale the tickets and was wearing a denim skirt that was already too short....everytime she slid off the 4wheeler the men all got to see what color panties she was wearing. I don't know if I am more bothered by the fact that she didn't seem to notice that her skirt was up that high or the fact that her parents obviously didn't care enough to take control of the situation and put more clothes on their child. My second example goes right along with this one...I walk up to my husband and a man I have never met to see what they are talking about (can I just say how bored I was) and this cute girl walks up. She is in white capris with a black corset on top and she is looking for her father. The man I don't know points her in the right direction and then turns to tell us that the girl is 14! 14 and in a corset that accentuates her very perky boobs, along with the white capris that make it very obvious that the child is pantyless. 14 and every man in the place is staring at her as she walks by! WHY might I ask would any parent allow their child...their 14yr old child walk out of the house like that? Robert looked at me and said NEVER! I just smiled...I know we will reach a day that our beautiful daughters are going to put on clothes and we are going to realize that they have perky boobs and legs we would all die for...and hopefully we will have more sense than those people and tell them to put more clothes on!

Ok...enough procrastinating! I must start my paper! If anyone wants to help let me know! :) I am writing over the definition of mother! Post your definition and I can use it in my paper!


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Sarah said...

I whole-heartedly agree that people that have been drinking are looser with the purse strings, but that's the crowd that is a little more free with their children's bodies, as well. YUK! That makes me sad for those girls -- they need some guidance and BOUNDARIES in their lives!