Friday, April 07, 2006


For those who have been reading my blog since its inception you can probably see a common thread throughout...procrastination. I procrastinate anytime that I feel that a task is too difficult or I feel like I can't do the task perfectly. I am not sure what is keeping me from doing my research paper but the paper is due in 4 days and I have 4 pages done...which leaves 21 more to go! I could use some motivation to get started right now...anybody have some to share?

I did find out last night in my meeting with my advisor, that I am one class and comps away from having a 2nd Master's would think that would be enough to motivate me.



Hayduke said...

Procrastinating his how I roll. I wait until the last moment, bust it out and kick ass. Yeah, it's stressful but it means you can have fun all week, right?

Rebecca said...

Yeah, my research papers always happened the night before, and sometimes the morning they were due. They were almost always shorter than the requirement, but they covered all the bases well, and got good marks anyway. It's the only way to live. How else would you get that last minute adrenaline rush? Some help I am. Go write your paper! :)

Congrats on the new degree!

Hillbilly-Rockstar said...

Go do your report right now! Haha.. thanks again for the e-mail! Good luck, I hope you get it finished.. and if you don't--oh well, you were only missing twenty something pages!

.. Hillybilly-Rockstar


I agree with hayduke, hah, but that's probably because we're both high school students... Anyways, I looked into what you said about an accelerated high school program... my town doesn't have anything like that. The closest thing TO that is what I'm in, where you can graduate in three years. High school isn't exactly hard for me, I just can't stand the people. The stupid things they do, they way they act... I really would love to graduate sooner, but the soonest I can is in three years... >.< Better three than four, though...

Hope you're doing well!