Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Is it you?

So...I think that reading everyone's blogs and wondering who they are is making me resemble a stalker. I was at WM buying ingredients for banana pudding and I looked up and saw a face that looked familiar. I tried to place the face with the places that I go and couldn't place her...then I thought...maybe that is 'supermom'. Long story short, it wasn't and there is now a woman running around Abilene thinking I am crazy! I love my life!


Rebecca said...

I would be SO flattered if someone asked me if I were Supermom! Mostly, they just say, "Are those all yours?"

Sarah said...

I think Supermom lives in Tulsa, if that helps. Maybe she was Supermom's gorgeous double!

Roxanne said...

I am constantly seeing people I think are other people. . .and recently I've been mistaken for someone. . .it's goin' around.


jessica said...

My friend Anne read the blog and this is her email...You didn't see me at Wal-Mart...ha ha!

SuperMom said...

LOL!! Sorry...not me :-) I am an Okie through and through. I tried Texas once, but couldn't hack it. Sorry :-( However, I do consider Wal-Mart my second home.

GORGEOUS DOUBLE???!!! Sarah, I'm blushing. I don't look anything like the picture on my blog now. I have Snow White wig hair. Blech. Although I do still have the crazy serial killer expression.